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Licensed & INsured

Hiring an HVAC company that is licensed and insured is crucial for protecting your investment and ensuring a high-quality service. A licensed company has met the necessary qualifications and standards set by the state or local authorities, and it gives you peace of mind knowing that the company has the necessary skills and training to perform the job. Additionally, insurance coverage protects you from any damages or accidents that may occur during the service, providing you with the assurance that your property is safeguarded.

HVAC Professionals

Hiring experienced HVAC professionals is essential for ensuring that your HVAC system is in good hands. An experienced professional has spent years working on HVAC systems and has seen a variety of issues, which enables them to diagnose and repair problems more efficiently. They have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with customized solutions that meet your unique needs, and they can make recommendations on how to improve the efficiency and lifespan of your HVAC system. Additionally, they can provide you with valuable advice on how to maintain your system properly to prevent future breakdowns and repairs.

Fair & Honest Pricing

JEC Mechanical provides fair and honest pricing, and we beleive it is vital to receiving a service that meets your budget and expectations. Companies that prioritize transparent pricing give a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with the service without any hidden fees or charges. Choosing honest pricing provides peace of mind, assuring that the price you pay is fair and enables you to make informed decisions about your HVAC needs.

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Our HVAC Services

HVAC System Installation

From choosing the right system to installing it correctly, JEC Mechanical can provide expert installation services for both commercial and residential buildings. We help you choose the right system that meets your needs and budget, and they can ensure that the installation is done properly to maximize efficiency and performance.

HVAC System Repair

We diagnose and repair various issues with your HVAC system, such as a malfunctioning thermostat, low refrigerant levels, or a clogged air filter. We identify the root cause of the problem and fix it promptly, so you can get back to enjoying comfortable indoor temperatures.

HVAC System Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system is crucial to keep it running efficiently and to avoid costly repairs down the road. JEC Mechanical can provide routine maintenance services, such as cleaning the system, replacing filters, and checking for any signs of wear and tear.

Indoor Air Quality

We can help improve the indoor air quality of your building by installing air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers. We also provide duct cleaning services to remove any contaminants from your HVAC system.

Energy-Efficient Solutions

JEC Mechanical can help you save money on your energy bills by providing energy-efficient solutions, such as programmable thermostats, zoning systems, and high-efficiency HVAC systems. We can also conduct an energy audit of your building to identify areas where you can improve energy efficiency.

And More

JEC Mechanical offers additional services such as insulation, ductwork, ventilation, and more. These services can help improve the overall efficiency and performance of your HVAC system and provide a more comfortable indoor environment.

Licensed & Insured

Licensed & Insured

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